What Makes Social Media Social?

On February 25th 2012 over 100 Kelowna residents came out and walked in support of the 30K Club - a local charity that gives people a hand-up in (re-) entering a productive sustainable life. Over the years the 30K Club has helped many to find a roof over their head and find a job to maintain that roof.

I am a regular supporter of this amazing organization because not only do I believe that everyone deserves to live in safety and peace but also because I think that it is more productive to teach someone skills and make them self-sufficient than to only “fix” their current problem.

I set up the group Tweet4Hope and promoted it using my Twitter, Facebook and YouTube networks. I am very grateful for those of you that have helped us raise the funds and be part of the over $15.000 all teams raised together in Kelowna and the $580.000 raised in Canada.

Social Media for Social Good #SM4SG is a great use of Social Media tools!

Social Media is “real - life” and the use of Social Media tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are great ways to connect with our fans, friends and family to get them involved in the causes we feel passionate about. It doesn’t matter if those causes are environmental, political or social - if they are related to current events or a long term project. By sharing our excitement, our opinion and the rewarding experience with our network we inadvertently promote the very cause we support.

Have you noticed what we are doing? Without intention, just by telling the story around your cause on Social Media you are using real Social Media Marketing techniques - not the ones the “Marketers” use, like Facebook sweepstakes and printable coupons - no, real Social Media interactions that drive interest and followers to your cause. You are using real Social Media Networking to get the word out :-O

By using Social Media tools non-profit organizations have a great opportunity to reach new and existing networks - to get their message across without spending a huge budget on marketing and traditional advertizing. Most of the efforts of non-profits is based on the work of volunteers and since Social Media is “earned marketing” the time and energy spent on utilizing these revolutionary tools is a great use of that energy.

What do you use to promote your cause? Please let me know in the comments!

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