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The Importance of the Digital Footprint - Interview With Sean Smith

5 Shares Share Tweet5 Share Email Share Pin +1 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferThe digital media space is full of all kinds of people. This blog series celebrates those that stand out. Those that do things differently, those that reinvent “the box”. On the blog today is Sean Smith also known as ThatSocialMediaGuy @SeanSmithCR. He […]

The Day Dexter the Rat Went Viral

7 Shares Share4 Tweet1 Share2 Email Share Pin +1 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferEven the definition of “viral” in the dictionary shows the two main areas the word is used: Full Definition of viral 1:  of, relating to, or caused by a virus <a viral infection> 2:  quickly and widely spread or popularized especially by […]

Algotrithm - BlueBird Dictionary

30 Shares Share27 Tweet Share3 Email Share Pin +1 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferAlgorithm is a word that is used widely - but what does it mean? Webster’s Dictionary defines it like this: Full Definition of algorithm :  a procedure for solving a mathematical problem (as of finding the greatest common divisor) in a finite […]

Introducing Facebook Live and Instant Articles

28 Shares Share25 Tweet Share3 Email Share Pin +1 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferWe has so much fun with the first BlueBird Happy Hour Facebook Live session. If you missed, it you can watch it here or on my Facebook Page. I talked about two relatively new Facebook features and how to set them up. […]

Social Media Adoption, Challenges for Organizations

8 Shares Share3 Tweet Share1 Email Share Pin +1 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket Buffer4When English is your second language and you are writing a blog with an international audience based in Canada, do you spell it “Organization” or “Organisation”? I checked several resources and discovered that “partly as a result of our historical links with […]

Facebook Faces

The Three Faces of Facebook

56 Shares Share12 Tweet24 Share13 Email Share Pin +17 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferTo those that use Facebook on a regular basis it might seem like a no-brainer but to others that are just starting to market their business online it is an important question: What is best for my business; a Facebook Profile, a Facebook […]

Writing a Good testimonial

Writing a Good Testimonial

32 Shares Share2 Tweet22 Share2 Email Share Pin +15 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket Buffer1Testimonials are important statements that should not be missing from any website or LinkedIn profile! Careful though - if you fake testimonials or buy them you will eventually get caught and will lose all trust of your prospective customers. To prevent any […]

Words Have Power

39 Shares Share2 Tweet33 Share1 Email Share Pin +13 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferWords are part of us - words have the power to heal or to hurt. Words can build us up or destroy us, they can entertain and inform. Mostly we take words for granted. It’s only after if we get into a situation […]

It's a trap

Why Free Websites Are a Trap

302 Shares Share27 Tweet268 Share1 Email Share Pin1 +15 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferI know, especially when you are starting your business or aren’t making a lot of money, paying for a website seems like something you would rather avoid. But a website is an important part of your business though. Too important to ignore in […]

5 Apps to Help You Teach Online

27 Shares Share2 Tweet22 Share1 Email Share Pin +12 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferInteractive learning is the new buzzword for learning via the use of digital technology. The aim is to make communication easier between students, and between students and teachers. The types of interactive technology that are used in interactive learning are email, webinars, […]

Facebook Groups cover

Your Straightforward Guide to Setting Up Your First Facebook Group

18 Shares Share6 Tweet2 Share8 Email Share Pin +12 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferIn the last post Facebook Group Strategies we looked into the opportunities and strategies around Facebook Groups. From your reactions I know that this post was well received. I won’t leave you hanging - the following is a guide to help you set up […]

Facebook Groups Cover

Facebook Group Strategies

28 Shares Share3 Tweet14 Share2 Email Share Pin +17 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket Buffer2While Facebook organic reach is dying, Facebook is still the place where most internet users hang out, share and discuss products, services and preferences. I decided not to waste your time with rants about Facebook’s decisions. I think it is more helpful […]

Search and share

How To Save and Share Your Online Searches

13 Shares Share2 Tweet7 Share1 Email Share Pin +13 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferListly is a great tool that has a lot of uses. You see it on my blog often because I use it mostly to create resource lists that allow you to add items and to rate the items on the list. Listly’s […]


What To Do If Someone Steals Your Content?

69 Shares Share8 Tweet51 Share8 Email Share Pin +12 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferImitation is the sincerest form of flattery. ~Charles Caleb Colton Imitation maybe, but stealing content is no flattery - it’s plagiarism. In our new sharing society the boundaries between sharing and stealing sometimes seem blurry. I will write about the difference between […]

ducks cross selling

Should You Cross-Sell Items In Your Online Store?

149 Shares Share2 Tweet135 Share9 Email Share Pin +13 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferI’ve had a busy weekend adding a proper online store to my website. With every product I add one question arises: “Should I cross-sell or up-sell any other of my products or is that too pushy?” Cross-selling consists of offering related products and […]

Remove tag from facebook

How To Remove Tags on Facebook

28 Shares Share1 Tweet21 Share1 Email Share Pin +15 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferIn Facebook (and Instagram and Twitter) you can “tag” someone in a picture so they get notified. These pictures go into the “Pictures of you” stream on Facebook and depending on the users’ privacy settings, everybody can see them. Tagging others in pictures […]

You've got mail mailbox email marketing

10 Ways to Get Maximum Results From Email

56 Shares Share6 Tweet36 Share9 Email Share Pin2 +13 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferSome people think that email marketing is passé, but nothing could be further from the truth. Email marketing is still more effective than any other type of Internet marketing. The money is still in the list. But, are you doing everything you […]

HotSpot plugin

How To Add Links in Images - WordPress Plugin Recommendation

58 Shares Share9 Tweet40 Share Email Share Pin +14 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket Buffer5The challenge on was to create a collage of images that incourages users to get excited about the designer brands offered and then be able to access more information. We tried different options including building mapped images and embedding the html into the […]

How Do I Get People To See My Product?

93 Shares Share1 Tweet87 Share1 Email Share Pin1 +13 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferEvery business owner dreams of creating a product that their audience cannot do without. They want to create a product that screams “buy me now”. They want their audience to salivate at the mouth to get the product. But first, people must […]


Wireless Untangled

19 Shares Share Tweet14 Share Email Share Pin +15 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferThis post is stretching the boundaries of my blog a little. However, when I read this post by my good friend and tech-ninja Cate Eales from Computer Care Kelowna I knew that a lot of my readers are a little confused about the […]