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Writing a Good testimonial

How To Write a Good Testimonial

Testimonials are important statements that should not be missing from any website or LinkedIn profile! Careful though - if you fake testimonials or buy them you will eventually get caught and will lose all trust of your prospective customers. To prevent any suspicion I always link to the original source of the recommendation - usually […]

Remove tag from facebook

How To Remove Tags on Facebook Be careful with your clients' privacy

In Facebook (and Instagram and Twitter) you can “tag” someone in a picture so they get notified. These pictures go into the “Pictures of you” stream on Facebook and depending on the users’ privacy settings, everybody can see them. Tagging others in pictures is a great way of sharing pictures with your friends. I really like it […]

How To Reach Young Readers With Awesome Messaging - Guest Post By Cathryn Wellner

My friend Cathryn Wellner has a wonderful blog called This Gives Me Hope where she is well on her way to post 1001 stories that give us hope. Today she posted a story that touched me on many different levels. The way the Melbourne Transit authority gets their message across is a great example how […]

How Mobiflock Can Help Protect Our Children From Cyber Bullying

Mobiflock offers security and parent control systems for mobile devices. Our “Digital Natives” grow up with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and that is a good thing when done right! The challenge is to protect our children from predators like in Amanda Todd’s case or from bullies. How Mobiflock Can Help Protect Our Children […]

Ever Wondered What a “Tweetup” Is? They Are Fun And Helpful!

Social Media is real life and only really works when people connect with people. Twitter is a great way to discover people and even for intense discussions but just like in the other real life we want to take the relationship further. 140 character snipits become rather cumbersome sometimes. At some point in the networking […]

Become Your Own Broadcaster - Promote Your Events With The Right Social Media Tools

How we reached an audience of 76,000 for the Kelowna Apple Triathlon without the help of traditional media. The Event itself is mostly only the highlight of a campaign and/or the ongoing work of an organization. The benefits of having your event highly publicised are many. Exposure, fundraising and membership drives are probably the most […]

Facebook Page Infographic

Facebook Pages Are The Only Way To Promote Your Business Or Organization!

Using Facebook Profiles for anything other than a real person has been against Facebook’s Terms of Service since Pages were introduced but nobody seemed to do much about it. I suspect that Facebook will find a way to shut down these profiles quickly now because the “fake” accounts are damaging to Facebook’s bottom line and […]

What Metric Is Important To Measure Your Social Media Success?

You will hear me speak very little about strategy - because there are so many Social Media Experts that overuse the term. However, regardless of if you are using a blog for your business, Facebook for your club, Twitter for fun or Pinterest for your wedding planning, looking at the statistics of what messages worked […]

How To Share Your Facebook Timeline Page

With the introduction of Timeline for Pages Facebook rearranged quite a few controls. One of the most important ways to promote your Facebook Page or others you like is the “Share” function. It’s still really easy to do if you know where to look How To Share Your Facebook Timeline Page was last modified: March […]

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