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How To Begin A Tweet

If you send somebody a message and you START it with an @name then the only people who will see your message are people who follow you as well as following the person you replied to. How To Begin A Tweet was last modified: August 1st, 2014 by Frithjof 

Introducing Leaf – Social Media Analytics at Our Finger Tips My Interview with Marko Pavlovic" class="woo-image thumbnail aligncenter"/>

Introducing Leaf - Social Media Analytics at Our Finger Tips My Interview with Marko Pavlovic

I had the pleasure to speak to Marko Pavlovic of Anctu who told me of the new social media analytics tool he and his co-founder Alexander Abulelas released into beta recently. I am using Leaf for a couple of days now and find it very handy. Marko describes the Anctu approach like this: Rather than building […]


What Is A Hashtag? - 20minute.academy

Love them or hate them #Hashtags are an important part of our online lives. They appear on TV screens, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and I probably forgot a few. But How do they work? And what does a #hashtag really do? How do you figure out what they mean? I address all these questions  in […]


This Is What The Ideal Social Network For Business Looks Like

My initial answer to the question above was: “Hasn’t been invented yet” but of course Mhairi Petrovic from Out-Smarts didn’t let me get away with that and asked what my ideal Social Network would look like. Before I get into the answer I need to make one point clear: I don’t see how any Social […]


How to Remove Pesky Fake Followers From Your Twitter Account

Did you know that fake followers can be damaging to your reputation! Some Social Media experts suggest buying follower numbers to inflate your numbers. For me, this is a misinterpretation of the term Social proof. The example I use to explain Social Proof is this: You have two coffee shops side by side. One of […]


[Warning] Do Not Trust Screenshots of Tweets - Embedding Tweets Is Easy

Wow I just read Daniel Hebert’s article on Steamfeed Warning! Do Not Trust Screenshots of Tweets The post talks about a new tool called “lemmetweetthatforyou” (no, I will not condone it by linking to it). You can use it to fake a tweet sent by anybody. What is presented as a fun prank-like tool can […]


Ever Wondered What a “Tweetup” Is? They Are Fun And Helpful!

Social Media is real life and only really works when people connect with people. Twitter is a great way to discover people and even for intense discussions but just like in the other real life we want to take the relationship further. 140 character snipits become rather cumbersome sometimes. At some point in the networking […]


Your Top 10 Uses for Twitter

As I keep telling you: Twitter is my favourite Platform right now. What appeals to me is the real-time conversation, the openness and the limitation to 140 characters. I use Twitter for many things and I like it best for connecting with individuals that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Your Top 10 Uses for Twitter […]


Gingerbread Twitter House

And so they did, the twitter birds sent out tweets, posted pictures on Facebook and Blogged about the incident. Soon the story trended on Twitter worldwide and drew attention to the two victims. Hansel and Gretel were allowed to stay in the community if they wanted and the old activist told the story to the […]


When to use a #hashtag

Like in every election a lot of candidates of in the BC civic elections are rushing to Twitter to get the word out. It is hard to reach a larger group of people in any Network if you haven’t taken the time to build a following. A great way to catch up to lost time […]

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