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Blogs are like puppies

I love the title of my webinar! It’s a quote from @Mattladdin found in his post for Business 2 Community 

If you missed my webinar you can watch the video either on YouTube or in this slide deck:

I hope you enjoyed the webinar replay!

Here are some of my main points:

concerns about bloggingLike puppies ;-) blogs are a lot of fun but they require a lot of work and attention. Blogging with quality is likely the most time consuming content marketing activity for most of us.

“My customers don’t read blogs” is one of the most common ones I hear and I can tell you from experience that it often feels like it! And if you ask your customers they will often not even be aware that they read a blog post. After all articles on blogs are just information and that is what we read.


So, should we be blogging for business?

Yes, and here is why:

Establish trust in your business

Blogging establishes trust in you, your company and the goods and services you offer. If you use your blog consistently and regularly you can establish yourself as a (local) trusted authority in your field. By sharing relevant information with your website visitors you can become the go-to authority in your field.

Think about it: If I find your information useful I am much more likely to buy from you rather than looking for another source. Wouldn’t you agree?

Blogging is SEO

Blogging creates content you will be found for.
Many businesses spend a considerable amount in pay-per-click ads and SEO agencies to make sure their content get found sooner than their competitors’. At the same time search engines strive to give us the best search results so we continue using their tool.

By creating more quality relevant to our audience we provide more opportunities to be found in a keyword search and therefore create more organic search engine optimization. Every search algorithm update favours this type of SEO over more artificial means of being found. Soon content will be the only ranking factor left. Better start building content now!

Build your website around your blogOne of the biggest mistakes I see web developers and brands make is building a website and linking an external blog to it as an afterthought. In these cases you click on a link in the website and are led to a separate blog often on a free blogging platform like Blogger or

The effect is this: If you follow my advice and blog consistent quality content you will get more traffic to your blog. At the same time the content on your website is static and even loses search ranking over time. Even the occasional link from your blog posts to your website can’t really make up for this.

So most of those blog visitors you work so hard to attract will not get to see your offers or company information. The most important piece of advice I have for you:

Build your website around your blog, using the same web address!

benefits of blogging for business

There are many more benefits to blogging and I encourage you to spend the time watching my webinar recording. There is way more to this topic than can be mentioned in an hour but I hope it gets you started. You can find a lot more articles about blogging for business in the list below this post.


clean up blog imageSometimes your puppy blog needs some cleaning up. There are things that don’t work like you want or it’s slow or broken. All that technical stuff shouldn’t hold you back! It’s better to let the pros fix it rather so you can spend some quality time growing your blog and your business.

Because of the high demand for these grooming services we have created a set of services to help you without breaking the bank

Bluebird business consulting website services

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Blogging for Business
Blogging for Business
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Blogging for Business

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