Week 32 - The Very Best Articles I Found

I read a lot of blog posts every week. Most of them I find on my journey’s through the Social Media streams - often they are recommended by people I follow on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn. Some are suggested to me by friends and some I seek out in searches.

I read most of the posts and share all the ones that have value to you on my social networks. I curate the best of them mainly using Scoop.it and at the end of the week I re-visit that stream and compile the best posts into a list - using List.ly and embed it here on my blog.

My own post this week is the first in a series of blog posts dealing with the different types of content you can embed in your posts to make them more interesting:

How To Insert Video Into Your WordPress Posts and Pages

This is the list of the best articles I found in week 32 2013

Tweet4ok mechanicHere is what I want you to do:

  1. Read my comments and as many posts as you like
  2. Leave a comment either on the @Listly list or in the comment section
  3. Use the Listly buttons to vote
  4. Nominate any posts that I missed by leaving a reason and a link in the comments (you are limited to one link per comment)
  5. Please don’t SPAM random links to your various social profiles into the comments or the Listly
  6. Have FUN!


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