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Tool Tip: Shareasimage

Do you love quotes? Would you like to create your own awesome images with filters and Text? Then check out this Tool Tip: Since I started using Instagram I really enjoy creating my own images and sharing them online. There are many apps to add quotes and filters to Instagram but I was looking for(…)


Newest Changes To Facebook Cover Images

When Facebook introduced their “Timeline” user interface they gifted us a wonderful branding opportunity. The big cover image on top or your Facebook Page is prime real-estate for views.
At first Facebook set strict guidelines on what can go into a cover image. And if you have taken one of my Facebook classes you heard me explain this (most of you were surprised)


How To Set Facebook Email Notifications

Sometimes the flood of emails we receive can be overwhelming. Especially if you use your phone to check emails the Facebook notifications can make it hard to manage your load.

I recommend that you keep some notifications active because you don’t want to miss any conversations on your Facebook Page.

Facebook lets you set different preferences for about 60 different events and in my little video you can see how easy it is to manage them.


Schedule Your Facebook Update At The Right Time For The Highest Impact

Sometimes the time you find to update your Facebook Page is not the best time to reach your followers. One of Facebook’s recent additions is the option to schedule your page updates.

To find the most effective time for your audience might require some trial and error but you can always look at your Facebook Insights to compare posts.


Facebook Pages Are The Only Way To Promote Your Business Or Organization!

Using Facebook Profiles for anything other than a real person has been against Facebook’s Terms of Service since Pages were introduced but nobody seemed to do much about it. I suspect that Facebook will find a way to shut down these profiles quickly now because the “fake” accounts are damaging to Facebook’s bottom line and therefore it’s stock prices.

There are more reasons why it makes sense to switch to Facebook Pages as soon as possible:


Beware of Traps on Facebook

They seem to come in waves - but a lot of them return over and over again: Facebook scams. The other day I asked on my Facebook Page:

What do you do if you see one of your Facebook friends post a scam on their wall?

Most of you responded that you would tell your friend, either on their wall or in a private message, that they fell into a trap.


How to Create a Facebook Event

Facebook Events are a great way to promote special occasions – they are easily shared and sometimes take on a life of their own!

Make sure you create your event as the Page so the link goes back to your Page and not to your profile!


Tweet4Ok Facebook Pages Ebook

This book helps businesses and others that are starting to use a Facebook Page.

The book is stacked full of information to get you started using Facebook Pages effectively.


Filmstormers Facebook Concept

I am always on the hunt for good and innovative uses of Social Media tools. My latest website project was filmstormers.com Created by my friend and film student Owen Davies and his friends of movie enthusiasts.


8 Ways To Attract Real Likes to Your Facebook Page

You have a new Facebook page and look forward to connecting with your current and future fans. Great! But how do you tell them that it’s there? How do you find an audience? There are many ways and I hope to give you a few suggestions with this post.
Lesson learned: Creating valuable content that people want to share is smarter business than impressive numbers.

That being said it is important to get the word out there especially for new pages and there are many ways you can spread the word about your page!


Customize your Facebook Timeline Apps

Facebook Timeline brought us many advantages and some new challenges. One of the new features is that we can now customize the images for the Tabs a.k.a Apps.

This option gives us these advantages:

Post attractive images
Streamline your branding
Add a call to action


How To Share Your Facebook Timeline Page

With the introduction of Timeline for Pages Facebook rearranged quite a few controls. One of the most important ways to promote your Facebook Page or others you like is the “Share” function. It’s still really easy to do if you know where to look


How to Add a New Admin to Your Facebook Page

It’s a very good idea to have more than one admin for your Facebook brand page. Sometimes you need to respond to something on Facebook or delete a SPAM post. You can do many things from your phone but some admin functions are limited. So it’s a good idea to be able to phone someone(…)