Every year we see men of all ages sprouting mustaches with more or less success. It’s called Movember and we do this to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues like cancer and depression.

This international movement intrigues me because it’s largely Social Media driven. While every Mobro sports a visible reminder that serves as a conversation starter pictures and stories are shared on every conceivable Social Media channel.

I put the statistics that surprised me most into this Infographic (click on the image to enlarge)

Tweet4Ok Social Media Movember Infographic

2012 marks the third time I’m taking part in Movember and this time I added a little twist. Each day I travel to a different part of the world and if you donate $5 or more to my fundraising campaign you can determine where I go.

I place these images on my Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and on my Mospace.

Have a look where I went so far – you can vote on the picture you like best and tell me what place you have visited. Please don’t forget to Donate

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